Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Been a Great 5 Years House

I finally got pictures off my camera card and found these. We finally closed on our old house friday the 28th. What an ordeal that was, sitting at the closing attorney's office at 7pm on a friday night. We moved out the 15th as we were suppose to close earlier, but there was some complications on their end. It's all a blur really, but I wanted to document moving day! We are so thankful for all our family and friends that helped. 
 David rented a 24 foot Uhaul and we were sure everything would fit. Turns out, we had to use the trailer and Daniel's truck to fit some outdoor furniture. Thanks to Darrin, Mark, Daniel, Frank, Austin, David, Cora and my mom for helping. We are using a big storage unit for everything and I hear we are full up. We are still waiting on others news with the short sale house and hope to hear any day. We were given a closing timeframe, but unfortunately I think that we are delayed again on that.
Here is a shot of a bunch of our stuff ready to be loaded into the truck
 The ladies supervising and watching Mr. Max
 Loading away

 This is where you could find Austin most of the time. I caught him in action here.
 Yep, doing a lot of the heavy lifting.
 Now he was pretending to help a little. 
 Trying to fit the last puzzle piece in the truck
The trailer is loaded up with some more furniture. They had to beat out the rain that you can see coming in. 
 Another truck loaded up and ready to go
Empty room! After we packed up we went back a few times to clean up and I kept taking more little things out of the house. It was the never ending packing/cleaning extravaganza. I am glad that is over! Extra thanks to my mom for going back to clean and rushing around when the new owners wanted to come for a final inspection in 20 mins! We had a great 5 years in the house and I will miss it! Thanks house.

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Jen S said...

On to a new adventure!

Mock family said...

it was a great house! next chapter to come soon!

leah said...

Oh my gosh we can totally relate to all these pictures and emotions! Sounds like we bought our homes around the same time too, so crazy. Aren't grandmas the best for helping watch the kiddos while we packed? I dont know what we would have done without mom! I can't wait to hear the news about the short sale house, as we are on the waiting game for ours too... ahh! Our lives are so similar right now!

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