Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Max's First Trip to the Beach!

This weekend we traveled to Jacksonville Beach, FL to visit my brother, Chris and his wife, Marla. They recently moved to the beach and are renting a fabulous condo right on the water. It is awesome. On the way there I drove after work at 7pm so Max would sleep most of the way and it worked! The way back was during the day and he was antsy!
They were having their airshow this past weekend so we thought it'd be fun to be right in the action. You weren't allowed in the water during the show so we came out right after Max woke up and had his milk. Enjoy the filmstrip of his beach water adventure.
He seemed to like the water pretty well. No crying just a little confusion.
Starring out at the big blue water out yonder, they seem to be deep in thought.
Fun water
Look how fun his t-shirt is. It says I had fun with my Aunt and Uncle in Jacksonville Beach. He looks cute in the swim suit they got for him as well. Thanks guys!
Then he got curious and wanted to be in the water.

Chris and Buddo

Pretty sunrise.
Marla and Max
Now it's time to discover sand!

Oooh fun sand!
Family photo by the ocean
Later that day we went back down to the beach to watch the airshow. Luckily we got to play outside for a few hours before the loud planes came through.
We tried to put some ear plugs in his ears because the fighter jets were SO loud and Max was not appreciative of that. Luckily they came out when we went up for his nap and he slept through most of that. He looks like frankenstein with them in lol.
We had a great time with Chris and Marla and I know my mom loved the beach, too. She would have stayed if she could have kept Max there with her. We also got to see some of our friends, Jessica and Jason while we were there. So nice to still keep in contact even though we moved away. I have more pics on instagram and my phone that I haven't posted so head there if ya want more (like this wasn't enough).

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Mock family said...

great pictures!! he looks like he enjoyed himself thoroughly.

Linda said...

What beautiful pictures on what looks like a gorgeous day! Your little Max is so handsome!

Chris said...

So glad we got to see Buddo/everyone and glad you beat me to the punch on the post. I haven't had time and most of the pictures are the same or better. Y'all come on back soon, or just FedEx Buddo if you need a break. :o)

leah said...

So fun! What a neat mini vacation for you guys!

Donna Parsley said...

Looks like Max had a blast on his first beach trip! Well, who wouldn’t? The sight of the sea is always inviting, no matter how old you are. For kids, they consider the place as their new playground. For the old ones, it is a place where they can relax and unwind.

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