Wednesday, May 22, 2013

15 Month Update

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I thought there was too much time in between the normal 12 month and 18 month updates so I thought I'd post an in between on our little buddy, Max.  He is a little over 15 months right now.   He is learning new things all the time so I wanted to document.
He is such a fun boy and acts so silly all the time.  His shirt was extremely dirty and I didn't want to waste another one after dinner (when I took these photos) so I just took his shirt off and we have a semi naked baby.
New Developments- He clearly says the word ball, he uses it for balls and any 3D round object (like apple, watermelon, the moon). He says dog, cracker (ka-ga), dada, mama (on occasion when he is crying/whining), car (picture a boston accent) and uh oh.  Michelle swears he has said the word breakfast clearly, but I haven't been able to get him to do it. 
He is now signing the word more, which is very helpful!  It looks like he is trying to get someone to fist fight (he takes one hand like he's showing us the number 5 and then fists the other hand and puts them together). If you ask him where his ears, nose, eyes, hair and belly button are he can point to them.
He has 7 teeth (4 on top and 3 on the bottom, not sure when the other bottom will come in).  
He loves playing with legos, blocks, cars balls and Molly most of all.  He has a pretty good arm on him for a 15 month old.  He is still climbing on anything and everything.  His new trick he just learned was opening doors.  We have the pull down handles inside and he can now get on his very tippy toes and pull the latch down and open it up.  Needless to say we have to lock doors.  He blows kisses and waves bye bye on command.  He LOVES facetiming with my brother and Marla.  My brother makes funny faces at him and Max is at his copying phase so he tries to do them back.  It's pretty cute.
Sleeping- He is still napping twice a day at around 10am and 3pm for about 1.5 hours on average each.  He gets a bath around 7:30pm and we read books until bed around 8pm. It's getting harder to get him to settle down at night since it's so light out still.  He loves his glow worm and presses him a lot before bed.
Eating- He is still loving food.  He gets mad when he doesn't get his smoothie in the morning and his cracker (raisin bread-bread, graham crackers, gold fish are crackers to him). He also loves his grapes, bananas and cheerios for breakfast.  He eats sandwiches, leftovers, raviolis, fruit, veggies for lunch and whatever we are having for dinner.  He is really loving watermelon now that the summer is here and just sucks that juice right up (and usually all over him).
 Personality- He is a pretty funny little guy.  He is very expressive and tries to make you laugh.  He does get shy around a lot of people.  It takes him a little bit to warm up and then he is good to go. 
He loves to get things for you, his most favorite thing is shoes.  He goes to the closet to pick shoes out for himself and for you.  Most of the time they aren't the proper ones, but he does know how to match and he ALWAYS wants you to put his shoes on him to walk around in. He is wearing size 3 pampers cruisers, size 18 month clothes (except for shorts and pants he can still fit in 12 month sizes and truth be told some of those fall off, too). 
He still looks nothing like me (I'll claim the eyelashes), but that's OK!  We love our little boy, he is so much fun.
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Mock family said...

What a cute little buddo, great update!

Sara McCarty said...

I love these updates. They make me so excited for all the things Mac will be doing soon. Max is so adorable. I love that he loves shoes! Most kids don't want to wear shoes.

Chris said...

Such a fun buddo! The best time for FaceTime is around 4:30 when just wakes up and it's quiet. You get his full attention and he is always super fun/funny. He did say breakfast the other day also or something really close to it. Haven't heard momma or mom, that must be exciting! Hope to see him in person soon! We're planning to get a real spare bed soon, so y'all come on down if we don't make it up before! Anytime late June and beyond is good. :o)

leah said...

Max, you are such a cutie pie!! Love all these pictures he looks like he has such a personality!

Julie said...

I found you from LLTK. You have a beautiful little boy! Your newest follower :)

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