Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Enjoying the Little Things

I promised an after shot of the new bushes David planted and here it is!
I wanted to capture some pictures to enjoy the little things that happen on a daily basis as normal as they are, they are special to us. Max helping with the watering. To say he loved the hose is an understatement, he was ecstatic about it.
Auntie Michelle with the babes.
He was soaked after we were done.  He still loves watering the plants with us. We brought him outside last night to help and he threw a HUGE fit when we had to come in.
Mmmm Tasty

He is such an outdoorsy boy, can't get enough of being outside. We do have a rather steep hill on the side of the house that he is always trying to throw himself down so that is a challenge to keep up with, but the weather has been gorgeous lately.  We are going to take him to the kiddie area of our pool this weekend so that should be fun to see if he likes the water more than last year.
David had to go out of town so Max tried to hitch a ride on the suitcase.  We love our weekends hanging out all day together!
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