Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bar Stool & Chair Makeovers

I wasn't sure/still am not sure about what kind of stools I want for the kitchen.  There isn't a ton of room to tuck the stools under on the long side so we knew we needed them small.  
For the time being we went to walmart and bought $24 saddle stools. 
If you recall, mom started this project during our pinterest party. I don't really have formal instructions but I can try to list them out. All you need is a staple gun, staples, fabric, foam, and batting.  A strong hand would help too, that staple gun is hard to use.
She put the foam on the chair, then put batting around it and secured it with staples.
 Then she folded over the fabric and stapled it to the underside of the chair as well.  They came out great. I love the fabric!
Gigi was feeling a bit over ambitious and decided to take 2 of the chairs you see her standing by (we use 2 for the deep side of the island overhang) and cover those chairs.  They have a hard sturdy seat that comes off.
I had a coordinating fabric in the same color from Premier Prints that works PERFECTLY! She just used the batting and fabric. No foam on these.  I love how we were able to transform the space cheaply since I am not sure what I really want. Thanks Mom!!
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great job gi gi

when's my chevron changing pad cover happening?

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