Thursday, May 9, 2013

NY Part 2- Family Time

We went to Jen's baby shower on Saturday morning. Here's a few pics I stole. This is all of us High School gals and our babies and babies to be. Amanda did such a fabulous job with all of her decorations and food. Check out her blog for all the party details.  It was a great time. 
 We had a Cinco De Mayo party with my moms side of the family on Sunday where Max got to see more of his cousins.
Hadley got passed around and loved on by everyone. This is Hadley and Kailea sitting in the shade.
Delilah came over earlier to play with Max. She was giving us her best pose. She was so great at trying to get Max involved and play with her.
We tried to get a group pic, but Delilah did not want Max on her lap or anywhere near her and then he just walked off.  By the way, that wagon is awesome.  You can strap them in and push them around and it also can be set up like a sitting bench (as pictured). Best of all, there is a cooler underneath  and on the sides for beverages.  Check out that umbrella, too.  I think I will have to invest in one of these at some point. Wouldn't this be great even for parents at a kids sporting event?
Max loved playing outside.  Once more people started arriving he became a shy boy though and clinging to me.  The only way we could get him to nap was his stroller so we took turns walking him around.
Delilah also brought this mini watering cans to help water the flowers. Max couldn't really get the hang of it, but enjoyed the water that came out once he flipped it over.
She was such a good helper and kept trying to get Max to come play. She definitely wore him out.
Our little princess in her adorable dress we got at the Yellow Daisy Festival last year. 
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Sara McCarty said...

What a fun weekend and gorgeous shower! I love that pretty little dress with the animals on it!

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