Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Planting Weekend!

Up north we have so many farm markets with fresh flowers on every corner that I was looking around here so that Mom wouldn't be disappointed with the selection. She has been itching to do a little planting. A lady at work told me about this place that has amazing prices and selection on flowers and plants.
 If you live in the Atlanta area you need to check out Growers Outlet in Loganville. It is worth the drive. They have hanging baskets for $3-$5, $1 vegetable plants and $8-$10 flats of petunias, impatiens, begonias (just to name a few).
Check out the availability on their page where they list each type of flower/plant and you can click to get information on each item. The prices are superb, but it is hard to find someone there to talk to so do your research before you go (for shade vs. sun plants, etc.).
 Max had fun looking at all the flowers. Such a good helper.
 We went a little nuts. This was David's full truck bed with all our goodies. We bought ferns, dalias, petunias, Howard's Ligustrum bushes, blueberry bushes, and a fun tropical plant I forgot the name to.
We wanted to get some bushes for our electrical box area... remember when David tore out the pampass grass in the area between our house and neighbors?
This was our plan for the new bushes. They have pretty little white flowers that bloom from spring to summer.  I read that they can get quite tall so we might have to do some pruning in a few years. They were only $9 per bush. Doesn't our neighbors yard look so pretty?!
Mom was planting away in the front garden beds.
 We are leaving most the existing plants as they look really nice in the space just adding the hanging ferns to the porch. Mom also weeded all the garden beds by hand. What a fantastic helper, as I do not do much in that area.  Up next is pine straw.
I love knock out roses and we have a few bushes down in the backyard/side area.
We also have pretty dual color hostas lining the back before the woods. I am missing a few photos of my blueberry plants and some after shots so I'll show you those later.
My sister had surprised James by having his best friend and his family come in town from Charleston (actually I think it was Missy's original idea) to stay the weekend at our house.  It is mid way between their houses.  They have the cutest little boy that Max loved playing with.  Here you can see Max photo bombing their photo.  As you can see we had a busy, fun weekend and I'm glad we started some updating to our house.
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Jen S said...

Love the photobomb!

Chris said...

Haha...Great photo bomb and phew, all that planting makes me tired just looking at it but, looking good! Bonus you can use some slave labor as well! :o)

Mock family said...

love the wrap up, such fun and that photo bombing pic should be sent to the chive James said :)

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