Monday, May 20, 2013

This weekend we...

We got a lot accomplished this weekend and it turned out to be the exact opposite weather than we were suppose to have. The weatherman said it was 20% chance of rain Saturday and Sunday and I'd say it should have been 80%.
Thursday night we started to get into the warm weather spirit by taking Max to get frozen yogurt. He really enjoyed it! 
This weekend mom got a new beautiful bed set.
David put out pine straw that is now fully washed away in the exact area you see David standing in (more on why in a minute).
Max helped as well.  He had to do exactly as Daddy was doing. It was adorable.
So Saturday night we had some CRAZY storms.  I'm talking full on lighting every .02 seconds, super loud thunder and torrential downpours. Luckily, magically Max did not wake up for it. We don't have curtains/blinds on our windows upstairs and boy was it a full on show.  I knew it was raining pretty bad, but I didn't know how bad until we got up.  Our little creek in the back is SO full.  We went out to get food Sunday morning and the one of the back roads behind our subdivision was fully flooded.  This is the yard beside the road. 
 Here is the view from the road. It was nuts!

Molly got a new dog bed finally which she definitely approves of. She has been laying there non-stop. We got it at SAM's and its a serta memory foam type thing.  She loves having the side arms and we had to have it washable.

We went to a graduation party on Sunday and Max got to play with his cousin Aiden.  He was a bit shy at first but they warmed up to each other pretty quickly.  Congrats Jake on graduation high school!

We were suppose to go to our neighborhood pool party yesterday as well, but judging from this picture I don't think you'd want to go either. All the debri and such from the storms contaminated the pool. It is DISGUSTING looking.
Max played ball with Molly a whole lot this weekend, too.

I did make an applique Memorial Day shirt for little Hadley.  It was kind of fun once I got the hang of it. I am going to work on 1 more for her and one for Max this week. So although we didn't accomplish everything on our to-do list we got a lot of it done.
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Mock family said...

That's a whole lotta fun and cuteness!! Minus the storms
Love the comforter too

Chris said...

Wow, that was certainly a crazy storm! So much for the pool plans, but sounds like you made the best of it and got some good stuff done. Get them oil changes done? That was one thing I got out of the way.

leah said...

I can't believe all that water! Still looks like you got a ton done though!

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