Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Finishing A Few Projects

We headed to Porter Paints where David's nephew, Josh works to see what he would recommend for a good paint for our helper stand.  If you missed the post where David built Max a helper stand you can find it here.  I read up and was going to get an oil based paint to eliminate brush strokes and provide durability.
Josh recommended this new paint that is called Break-Through. It is an ulta-durable water-based acrylic.  One of the top selling features is that it's formulated to bond to some of the most difficult substrates including fiberglass, ceramic tile, laminate, and many plastics. It also dries to the touch in 15-20 minutes. 
David's been wanting to try out this HVLP paint sprayer for some reason because we are avid painters (not). 
I wish we would have sanded it a little better, but I got to work painting.  I learned that David is not a perfectionist at all and has no patience for details.  He kept saying "I'm a big picture kind of guy."  He tried to turn the pressure up double the recommended value to get it done faster.  Let's just say he isn't allowed to use the paint gun, he doesn't do nice even strokes.  I don't have the best form on my posture, but I did a good job. 

We picked a color similar to the blue in the chair covers we have in the kitchen.  I just love that blue color.
Finished product (for now-I'd like to go back and sand a few areas).
Remember when we got this outdoor couch at a garage sale for $30?  Well we've been wanting to cover the cushions in a nicer fabric since the current cushions are pretty gross and worn (hard to see from photo). Well, recovering takes a lot of time and money that I didn't want to spend now.  So guess what we're doing.

Painting them!  We tested one and it worked pretty good (it is an indoor/outdoor paint).  The bottom cushions are splotchier because they are so worn, but we'll see how it turns out.  If it looks horrible we can always recover them later.  I used the same paint that we used for the helper stand so didn't cost us any additional money.
Shout out to Mom who finished covering the coffee table with batting, padding (like in fireplace covers for kids) and fabric.  The original plan was to make it safer for the kids who kept bumping in to the sharp edges.  We all love the cover so much that now we're afraid of them dirtying it up!  She did scotch guard it, but we're thinking of putting clear plastic on it lol.  Hope you enjoyed our little projects we've been finishing.  I guess we've been busy!

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Jen S said...

I'm sure David also knows if you turn the oven temperature up twice as much as a recipe calls for, the food cooks in half the amount of time! Everything looks great. You have all been busy!

Chris said...

Nice job on the Max helper chair! Looks great, nice color. I never would have thought to paint cushions, but why not. Busy busy!

Mock family said...

I thought the cushions were fine without paint, I'm interested to see this in person. Good job!

Stephen said...

I love the quality of the wooden structure - and think you have made and lovely colour match! - you cushion work is also very impressive - but am so envious of your balcony too!

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