Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Packages in the Mail

Yesterday I got home from work early because I went to my regular doctor about my throat issue. He didn't have exact insight as to why I have uvulitis (that's what he called it.) He gave me more steroids for swelling and an antibiotics in case the steroids make it worse, which would mean it was bacterial. It still looks the same today. Anyways, I got home a bit early yesterday and was able to get the mail and box from the postman and then the UPS guy came and brought me another huge box. It was quite fun and exciting.
Look at what was inside!! Our new Margaritaville Margarita Machine from the CheapCaribbean.com contest I won on Cinco De Mayo!
It's just as awesome as I would have pictured it. I can't wait to use it!
It came with some extra goodies like coasters, shot glass and a salt rim dipper. Now we just need to find a nice place to store it.
Look at this BEAUTIFUL wreath that my friend, Jen, made for me and sent from CO. I've been working on a special order from work for a few of her upcoming events and she was so sweet and made this for me!
I love EVERYTHING about it. The W, the berries, and the fabric flower colors! She is a talented crafter. I'm pretty sure my sister is eying mine, Jen, so you better get you an etsy shop or she'll steal mine when she comes to visit.
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Mock family said...

it's only fair to steal it since you've stolen so many of my things without telling me and I have to find out in a PICTURE when you still have it!and it's not coincidence that I can just turn that W upside down.....


and tell me how that machine is different than a blender? (ps, don't clutter your counters)

Ginny said...

You had such an exciting day for being sick! Hope all those presents made you feel beeter. Jen S really did a great job on that wreath. Funny I never figured out the W/M thing.

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