Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Goals & Plans

With today being my sister's last full day of school for the year, it got me thinking about upcoming summer goals and plans. Back to that in a second, first off how lucky is she!?! She is excited to say the least. She has a fun June ahead of her from road tripping it for 2 weeks to a nice California vacation planned. I am jealous of her plans and her career choice at this current time.
I could be a teacher right? Remember when I went to her classroom to teach, I pulled it off for the 2 minutes I was up there. I am going to take some days off to join her for the NY part of her road trip, but I will be flying (she'll be jealous of me by that point of her trip.) I am also the dog/cat sitter during some of her journey, can't wait to see my pup and cat nieces.
Summer Goals & Plans-
I think its nice to think ahead and start planning for a chunk of time. The summer seems like a good span of time to set some goals and be accountable. David will be starting an online class for work that will span until October. The class is most the day on Saturdays so I will need to keep myself busy.
I have decided to learn some Italian for our trip! I will be starting Rosetta Stone (I think) to learn the basics to get around Italy. I will also be planning and booking the Italy trip by reading my Italy 2011 book I showed you yesterday.
We hope to take a little break to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary and possibly go to this place. The Biltmore! We have some hotel points that we want to use to stay close and visit the Biltmore to save some money.
We will also be starting some of the renovations on the house. We hope to tile the laundry room and spare bathroom this weekend. Since the classes are on Saturdays the DIY items might be on hold for a long while, we'll still be able to get counter tops and carpet just not the master bath project.
I also mentioned yesterday that peak tomato season is Georgia is in July so we hope to have a Canning Party. Other than that I see a lot of pool time and margaritaville margarita time in our future. What are your summer goals and plans? Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

Sounds like you have an amazing summer ahead of you! I need to sit down and come up with some goals too.

leah said...

love all these!! You are so good about always having goals for yourself too! By far the biggest one for Kyle and I right now is to start eating healthier and exercising!

Mock family said...

sounds like a fun summer to me! and I'm jealous of myself for the summer break I get :) but believe me any teacher will tell you, we HAVE to have the summer.... it's the reset button! makes you forget the pain of the year... some refer it to child birth haha enough time goes by you forget the bad parts

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