Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teacher Appreciation and Random Weekend Items

This week is teacher appreciation week. You may not be aware if you don't have any kids in school, but my sister is a teacher and she doesn't let me forget. I wanted to send her some virtual appreciation as most teachers don't get enough praise and recognition for the hard job they do every day (minus summers-yep still jealous about your well deserved days off). 
 Here is your bouquet of flowers since you didn't receive any by your class. They told me they wanted me to send them to you online :)
I loved these etched pencil and pen holders from
Or how about these CUTE cupcakes from living locourto
Or this journal set by Nichole Healy. Presentation is everything ladies and gentlemen!
or lastly these apple cookies from 3 Four and Under! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, be sure to thank a teacher you know!
Here are some other random thoughts from the weekend. We went to a few garage sales in David's parents annual neighborhood garage sale (they live in a huge, nice community that we always find good stuff). We found this Ember grill for $100 and negotiated down to $80.
Our grill is about 4 years old and is rusted out beyond use. We've fixed it a few times with various parts, but it was time to get a new one and we didn't want to spend over $300 on a brand new one. This one is in great condition and we already tested it out. On the left side is a spot for a beer bucket (that is really what sold David on the grill, lets be honest) and the right side is a burner. It also has a light inside. We had more food than these sweet potatoes for dinner, just so you know.
I put together this cute basket of baby gifts for one of our friends who recently had a baby girl. The baskets were on sale from Walmart (stock up on these and Easter baskets right now at walmart). I love the decorative liner it came with and I used cellophane to wrap it all up.
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leah said...


I LOVE the basket that you made Jen! I always have hopes to do that for people and then before I know it I've bought a HUGE basket that costs so much money to fill it up!

Jen S said...

Cute basket! Michelle- we played "teacher" enough as kids, so you've had a lot of practice to get where you are today!

About JollyJilly said...

Hi I am new follower from the uk
Loved your blog
please come visit me anytime

Mock family said...

THANKS GUYS! and I LOVE all my virtual gifts!!!!!

Ginny said...

To my fabulous teacher daughter - Michelle - I hear you are the best of the best!
Jen stop with the deals, I'm so jealous!

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