Thursday, May 26, 2011

Verde Taqueria Night Out!

On Saturday after our neighborhood pool party we headed to Lacey's new town house to check it out. It has so much space and I love what they have all done with the place even after only moving in that day. Leah and Kyle met us there and we all went to dinner.
Since we all live in diff. parts of Atlanta it was nice to meet in the middle at Lacey's place. We went to eat at Verde and I LOVED it.
It is in a very cool area with shops, apartments and restaurants.
The menu is different than a regular Mexican restaurant, they have a list of tacos that you choose from and then your sides. David and I each choose 3 diff. tacos and skipped the sides. Some of the choices were buffalo chicken tacos...
Fried Calamari tacos (David's favorite)...
Pulled Pork Tacos with coleslaw topping (my favorite and pictured above), fried chicken tacos, steak fajita tacos, shrimp tacos, tilapia tacos, etc.. I really loved choosing and trying a bunch of different ones.
It's always the best time when we all hang out and we enjoyed great conversation and yummy margaritas.
Look how cute they are! I just love their little family.
Lacey and Levi. He helped move all day and they were still going strong at dinner, very impressive.
We got to sit on the patio and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather. It gets really hot during the day but as the sun is setting it is perfect out.
We got a little sun burned that day at the pool, hence my lovely bathing suit lines.
Look at the pretty princess, so cute.
Group shot! We finally got someone to take our photo and look what happened. Poor David, he tries so hard that the pressure of the 1-2-3 must get to him. It's still a great photo of us all (we'll have to try again next time.) Are we all wearing blue? How did we not notice this? Such a fun time, wish we could do it more often. Pin It


Lacey said...

I had so much fun!! I'm so glad we could all get together! And I can't believe we didn't notice we were all wearing blue!

Mock family said...

awww poor david! SOOO CLOSE, looks like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

I just cracked up when I read your caption about the pressure of 123 getting to David!!! I love your blog! G

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