Thursday, June 27, 2013

4 Years In!

I tried to go back on facebook to get some old photos, but the farthest mine go back are from 2006.  Didn't we use facebook in college? I guess that's for the best.  I was trying to find a digital picture from when David and I first started dating.  I have some printed at home, but these will have to do.  Today is our 4 year wedding anniversary!  We've been dating for 10 years this coming summer/fall.
 We've had so many great memories together.
 Here are a few from our Honeymoon in Mexico.  We went down into the cenotes.
 And in a submarine!
All those memories were fun, but it doesn't compare to our little family now! Love my boys. 
Happy Anniversary David! I love you. Cheers to us- The Super Couple!
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Mock family said...

Happy anniversary!! I noticed you said super couple... Was that because power couple was taken :)

david said...

You are so amazing babe thanks for all you do for us.

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