Monday, June 10, 2013

Food Truck Friday at Suwanee Town Center

On Friday night we met our new neighbor friends up at the Suwanee Town Center for Food Truck Friday! We really thought about canceling and going somewhere else because the weather was stormy off and on leading up to it.  I am so glad we decided to wait it out and go for it because it ended up being perfect out. I really can't believe the weather held out. 
 The only downside was a few of the food trucks backed out. We were also glad we got there early.  There were small lines when we first got there so we quickly got in a line.  By the time we got our foods the lines were VERY long.  I probably wouldn't have stayed.  I heard they ran out of food at some point.  I was really surprised how many people were there.  Our church was also there sponsoring some games/prizes during the concert that evening. 
 Max got to run around and play with Chase (our neighbors son). I don't have a picture of them both because they'd run in opposite directions.  Max found these doggies  in the green space to play with.  I had the chicken caesar wrap from Hail Ceasar, mom had buffalo chicken wrap, David had a few tacos & fries from Yumbi (bbq pork and I have no clue what else because he ate so fast) and our neighbors did try some Mac & Cheese (I heard the bbq pork mac & cheese was great). King of Pop was also there with yummy Popsicles.  If you are going to go, go early. The concert/event said it started at 7, but they were serving starting around 6pm. 
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Mock family said...

imagine on a nice weather day, I bet you can't even pull into the parking lot! Perhaps they should do it more than just Fridays...?

Chris said...

That's the same problem here. Even with all planned food trucks available you get like 10 people in line and then it just backs up terribly to the point where it's too long to wait and then they run out. Key like you said is get there early and eat up! :o)

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