Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun at the Mall with Max

Last night Mom and I decided to head to the mall to grab some dinner since I ran late and didn't have a chance to put the crock pot meal together that morning.  Mom had taken Max on the merry-go-round once before but I was excited to get to go with him this time.
As soon as we went near the carousel Max was so excited and kept pointing and making noises.  I told him we were going to eat first and then go.  I have to tell you, I had so much fun watching him ride the horsey.  He was going "ooooohhhh" when the horse went up and down.  He would watch and wave at Gigi and it was so fun.  He got his little hand stamped after with a horse to top it all off.  Best $2 spent ever!
Max loves to people watch and eat his dinner.  He had some chickfila grilled chicken, fruit and a few fries. He is finally almost back to himself in the eating department, thank goodness!
Gigi purchased him some crocs to wear this summer.  His current sandals are tearing up his feet, making his little feeties smell and he plays with water so much they aren't practical.  He is wearing their 4/5 size although they are little big, we found the ones he has that are 5's but the back strap was tighter so it fits great.  His other pair are green (buy one, get one 50% off) and they turn color in the sun!
So glad my buddy is feeling better.  He is so excited for Uncle Chris, Auntie Marla, Uncle James, Auntie Michelle and cousin Hadley to come visit next week!
On another quick note- Big Brother starts tonight on CBS! I can't wait! 
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Mock family said...

excellent blog post!!! i will need to see a video of this 2 dollar merry go round ride, please tell me that includes your ticket too? love the little guy! does your chick fila have grilled nuggets too? ps BIG BROTHER YES, i should have done that for my blog post, thanks for sharing :) see y'all soon!!!!!

Chris said...

He looks like he really loves it! Can't wait to see the Buddo in person and glad he's feeling better! :)

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