Thursday, June 13, 2013

15/16 Month Stats

I guess I am the only one who thinks her jewelry smells, because not one person commented yesterday.  Help a girl out, If I am crazy, you can tell me.  Anyways, I had Max's 15 month checkup this week (he is 16 months old) and learned that he is still a small boy, which is fine, but seeing the paper say he was in the 6% is a little scary.  I swear I feed him a lot, he truly eats like a teenage boy. 
 He must just have my metabolism (and he is always on the go) so I'm trying to find good fatty foods to make sure he's getting the proper nutrition.  Our pediatrician said she'd rather him be eating healthy than with junk food so we'll reassess at his 18 month appointment.
 Poor buddy got his MMR and Chicken Pox shots.

Weight: 21 lb 4.5 oz (6%)
Height: 30 1/4 (15%)
HC: 18 1/2 (38%)

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Brooke said...

Max is such a cutie! I love his toothy smile! :)
I can't stand the metallic smell of cheaper jewelry either but I don't know what to do about it. If you hear of a solution, let me know!

Chris said...

6th percentile for weight
100th percentile for being cute

Mock family said...

What a cute little boy though!
Maybe your stinking up your jewelry mine smells fine :)

leah said...

HE IS SO CUTE. I don't think he looks small at all in pictures, I was surprised to read he was only 6th percentile! I agree though feeding him healthy food is what matters and if he's anything like his momma that metabolism is going to be STRONG!

Madalyn said...
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Madalyn said...

Hey have you thought of mixing in some toddler formula into his milk? Or adding PB to some of his food... PB is so good for you... I would look at the things that are typically recommended for under 1 y-o babies who are not gaining enough weight. Good luck! H's a cutie!!

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