Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Fun

Here's a run down of this weekends events.  We took Max to the urgent care pediatrics place Saturday morning because he was just screaming and cranky when he was awake and he was up a lot of Friday night.  They said he was just on the tail end of the sickness and we still could give tylenol/motrin.  I stopped giving it to him a few days after the fever went away, but he still has sores on his feet/mouth so that might have been some of the issue.  She said he wasn't dehydrated or anything (he wasn't eating or drinking much of anything).  He was down 1 pound from a few weeks ago so that's not good. 
We hosted a BBQ for Erin's (2nd from left) birthday on Saturday evening and luckily Max was very excited other kids came to play and he was happy boy playing all around.  I realize I should have put on my tall shoes as I am very short.
 Erin was so thoughtful and brought me this awesome thirty one insulated cooler bag for hosting!  I LOVE the colors and can't wait to bring it to the pool/beach/everywhere this summer. I  am going to try to embroider it also!
We bought this backpack carrier from Matt and Kerry to use with Max on hikes (not that we are avid hikers), but we wanted it for trips and what not.  It's a Kelty stroller/backpack.  We don't have it set up right in this photo but we just wanted to try it out.  Max was a crabby patty and was unsure about it.  It's very cool though.
On Sunday we wanted to get out of the house for a bit because Max was still a crabby boy and liked being in the car so we headed off to run some errands.  He needs a hair cut pretty bad.
We had to go to Discover Mills Mall so we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop to look at the fishes.  Max really liked it and was really into it.
The fish were right where Max was and looking like they were going to eat him. 
Max goes into the office to color a lot lately since his table and chairs are in there.  It's also where Molly hangs out and watches out the window.  Max decided she made a good seat and parked himself next/on to her. 
He also decided she was an exercise ball and was doing his stretches.  Molly isn't phased. 
Hugs for Molly.  BFF. So cute. Love my babies.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Max is more himself today and was eating up a storm.
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Graceandjoelroberts said...

Not sure if he had hand,foot and mouth but we had that last year for a week and it was one of the most miserable experiences ever! The mouth sores are the worst and the weight loss. Hope he's feeling better and you don't ever have to experience it again!

leah said...

I'm so sorry that he's still feeling so bad! Sounds like a horrible virus! Such cute pictures of Max cuddling with Molly!

Chris said...

Glad to see he was looking/feeling better last night. Yay!

Sara McCarty said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better! It's just so awful when they're sick and hurting and there's nothing we can do. Breaks my heart. Love the puppy photos too. So cute.

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