Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend in iPhone pics

Well my poor little buddy was not feeling well yesterday so I didn't get a chance to upload any pictures.  Let's look at the weekend Iphone picture style.
Saturday morning we took Max to visit Matt, Kerry and the kids at their camp site.  They were camping for the weekend in Fort Yargo.  Max has moved down to 1 nap a day after lunch, but he just couldn't hang and was sleeping by 9:30 in the car mouth open and ball in hand. 
Max had fun hanging with Thomas and Morgan throwing the ball around and eating all their gold fish.  He liked sharing a chair with Morgan.
Max loved being outside with nature and seeing what trouble he could get into. 
It was a really nice shaded campsite with lots of fun things for the kids to do.
People were kayaking and fishing all around (just not in the photo I guess). 
David of course made a make shift leash out of his belt to hold and keep Max close.  Don't judge until you take Max for the day.  We had lunch there and then headed back.  I like the camping scene, just not the bugs, dirt and sleeping arrangements. 
We purchased dahlia plants at the nursery on mothers day weekend and one of them had a flower bud for the longest time.  It finally decided to bloom and bloom it did. Boy, this is such a pretty flower that keeps opening larger each day.  We are waiting for the plant next to it to get more, the leaves are just so luscious.
We have really pretty hydrangea plants on the hill of the back yard that are the bluest of blue.  We love looking at them. And yes, those are monkey bars. David is collecting playground equipment from numerous people in the neighborhood whose kids are too big for them. I think he thinks Max is 7 years old. 
We had water play Saturday afternoon on the deck.
Max loves to get wet, he wastes no time at all!
We have a hose spicket on the top deck so David brought another hose  up so it will be easier to fill the water table and water plants.  Max was ready for it to turn on, but we knew better.

Sunday morning Max woke up with a temperature of 99 and climbing.  He was pretty pitiful as he gets with a fever.  He was not into the father's day picture I was trying to take. 
He was getting flushed so we gave him tylenol and it kept the fever down in the 99-100 range till the evening when the tylenol wasn't doing anything (same thing happened last fever and I should have known).  I had to wait till 9 to give him the motrin and kept him up watching a few movies with us.  He wasn't having it and kept whining.  He wouldn't let anyone touch or even look at him but me.  He did love his fruit popsicles though.  His cousin Kinsley was getting a fever Thursday afternoon when she woke from her nap at our house and the next day she broke out into a rash on her bottom and everywhere.  They had a lot of tests done and basically concluded that it was hand, foot and mouth disease.
The weird thing about the virus is that you go 3-6 days without any symptoms.  She was on vaca the week before and was fine all week with us until Thursday so it just came out of no where. It's passed through coughing, sneezing (sharing drinks and putting their mouths on everything I'm sure).  His fever went down very soon after the Motrin and I put him to bed.  He was whining on and off a lot of the night but he never got up.  This morning his temperature was 99.6ish so we gave him another round of meds as he was very clingy and whiny.  He is doing much better now playing all around.  No rash has appeared so we will see!  Hope everyone had a great Father's day weekend.  Fevers in little kids are scary when you can't get them to go down!  *Update* The rash has started on his feet (hence hand, foot and mouth virus). He's itching so going to see what cream to put on. Pin It


Chris said...

Aww, fun pics but no fun with sick kids. Hopefully it is on it's way out and over with soon. Glad to hear his fever is down and he's playing around a bit now!

Jen S said...

Poor Max, hope he's back to a happy kiddo again soon. And did you ask Thomas about his T-Rex? Because that is the best shirt ever if you asked.

Angela said...

Buddy just had that over memorial day weekend!! The doctor gave him some ointment to put on the rash, and it cleared up within a week. Hope Max is feeling better soon!!

Angela said...

Buddy just had that over memorial day weekend!! The doctor gave him some ointment to put on the rash, and it cleared up within a week. Hope Max is feeling better soon!!

Mock family said...

That was a great photo recap I LOLed a bunch about the playground equipment and camping stuff but not about sick buddo

Sara McCarty said...

Oh goodness, I hope he's feeling better soon. HFM sucks. I have a couple friends who's kids have had it recently too. I'm sure Mac will have it soon, he's had everything else! Hope Max is feeling better!

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