Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Time to Learn How to Snowboard!

On Friday it was just David and I hitting the slopes (well the bunny slope that is). I suited up, helmet and all. Thanks to Leah for all her fun ski gear. She told me that if she wasn't wearing a helmet her first time that she would have a concussion so I wasn't taking any chances. Our group kept trying to take pictures of me so I knew that I looked silly. I owned it though and liked to wear it, it kept my ears warm.
Here I am learning how to stop and stand up on the board. I'm not going to lie, it is extremely hard to learn and catch on. David was so patient with me and was a great teacher. I started getting it towards the end of the first day. We only did 3-4 hours a day so it wasn't like I was there from sun up to sun down.
On day 2 we started noticing it getting more crowded when we had to park in the way far lot and be bused up to the ski area. Here are David and Dana riding in the back of the bus. Dana ended up not feeling well and didn't get a chance to ski. She enjoyed the cabin with the dogs and her book though.
David and I getting pumped for day 2!
When I took breaks David went to the top of the mountain to meet David (the names get confusing, I know). They had fun snowboarding together on the black diamonds.
They said it was a lot less crowded up there, but the weather conditions were far from ideal. You can see the sun is in full swing so it got slushy and then froze to solid ice up there. I was almost ready to get on the ski lift and try it out, but I was so nervous that I wasn't prepared and with all the crowds I decided to stick to the bunny slopes this time.
Here are the boys in action.
 I have a few videos of me, but I won't bore you with them. You get the idea.
We had such a fun time together. I was glad I was able to learn something that David really enjoys doing. Next time we'll have to go with better snow conditions and at a non-busy time. Go ahead and make fun of me wearing the helmet now.
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the girl in the red shoes said...

Looks like you had a great time! And I love the helmet!

leah said...

haha you crack me up. SERIOUSLY though that helmet saved my life, and Kyle will agree 100%. You look so cute in the snow clothes too, so glad you guys had fun. Next year we're all taking a trip up together on a NON holiday weekend!

Lacey said...

Aww it looks like you had such a great time!! You look so cute in all your snowboarding gear! We all need to plan a ski trip together next year!

Amanda D. said...

Hey, the helmet looks what if your hair didn't after at least you are alive and without a concussion. All it takes is one fall just right and you're a veggie or worse the rest of your life. Glad you had fun

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