Tuesday, February 8, 2011

P90X Week 2 Update

We started P90X last week and have been going strong ever since (minus when I got sick and had to skip 1 day, but I made it up don't worry). The workouts are hard, even when we are half doing them because we are either lost or exhausted. We still burn a TON of calories though. David averages 900 and me around 400 per work out. Isn't that crazy? The week 1 results are in. David has lost between 3-5 lbs (we forgot to record what his before weight was) and I have lost 0-1 lb. I was stretching to give myself credit for 1. I am not trying to loose weight, just wanted to get more fit and toned.  I wanted to share some of what we've been eating. We love our protein shakes in the morning.
 This is what our typical dinner looks like. Seasoned salmon with quinoa and brown rice and green beans. We rotate the meat with island pork tenderloin, lemon garlic chicken breasts and asparagus.
We get 1 carb/ grain serving per day and I choose to use the rice as mine. We found these microwaveable organic rice packets at Costco. They have 2 cups in them so they are perfect 2 portions. They are probably too expensive, but so worth the money since we work out after work and its usually around 7:30 before we eat dinner. I figured them out to be about $1.85 per bag ($7.40 for 4) so maybe they aren't so bad. 
Here is the recipe for the island pork tenderloin. My meat was really thick so it took more like 45 mins to cook. It's really good though. Pin It


leah said...

That food really does look good to me, unbelievably!! Very proud of you guys for sticking to it so far!

Mock family said...

good job!! that porkloin is really delicious too

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