Thursday, February 3, 2011

Walking the Greenway!

On Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful 65 degree weather by going for a walk on the greenway. We took a nice 2.5mile walk around all the nature paths stopping so molly could play in the creeks.  Again, notice how great our photos are with the awesome Nikon D50 Camera. I'm already sold on getting a nice camera one day. 
Look at the beautiful sky! It's too bad it is winter still, everything is leaf less and dead looking.
I love how fast the D50 takes photos! I never miss what is going on. With my cheap small canon powershot, I never get what I'm trying to photograph in time.
David threw a golf ball and Molly went diving in for it.
She found it!
I am not the best at taking photos yet so this is David and Molly. She wouldn't cooperate.
As you can see, David did a better job.
Look what I found. Some snow left from the snow storm we had a few weeks ago!
These are what some of the trail markers look like.
Oh my gosh, so look at this lady that had 6 dogs strapped to her waistband. I thought she was a dog walking service until she said she had 2 more at home!
Sorry for so many photos, we just had way too much fun playing with the camera.
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leah said...

Man I wish we lived closer together, this looks like such a neat place! Love all your photos... you guys def need a nice camera like this!

Lacey said...

I love your photos! Looked like such a fun day!!

Mock family said...

LOVE the pictures, a nice camera is REQUIRED! Try some more out and tell me which kind to buy soon, thanks :)

Chris said...

Molly! We camera shopped right around the time of your wedding. We had narrowed it down to mostly Nikon and Canon and based on a bunch of factors including checking out Gina's camera, we went with the Canon SX10IS, which is now the SX30IS. Main reason being the built in lens had the capability of two decent higher priced detachable lenses and we did not want to have the added inconvenience of having to lug the detachable lenses around, not to mention the cost. As you know Marla loves her camera and has taken some great shots. If you're in the market, let me know and I'll send some links. Better yet I'll put them in a blog post. :o)

Cora & Frank said...

Great photos.

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