Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leah's Cute as a Button Baby Shower!

 On Saturday Lacey and I hosted a baby shower for Leah at their friend Mimi's house in Marietta. Our theme for the shower was "Cute as a Button." Lacey did all the decorating, games and designs and I stuck with the food.
 On the menu for the day was Chicken Salad Croissants, Pasta Salad, Fruit Kabobs, Hummus, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Salad, Mini Quiche, Meatballs, Cupcakes and Pink Button Sugar Cookies. 
 Here are some food shots, because I love food and baby showers are half about the food for me.  I'll post later on how to make these cute button cookies.
I used strawberry frosting and big silver sugar toppings for the cupcakes. Lacey designed the cute toppers. I love how they came out.
Mimi arranged the pretty flowers.
The little menu cards are also my favorite.
Of course we had to have Cute As a Button favors, they are little soaps! 
 One of the games we played was guess the celebrity pregnant mom to be. Can you guess them all?
Here we are trying to choose a winner. Leah's friend Holly who is an entertainment gossip guru won the game!
Leah enlisted the help of a few friends.
I loved the style of Mimi's house. This room had such a cute cottage feel to me. Don't you love the cute as a button sign?
Of course we had to bring the pink puffy balls.
After our celebrity mom game it was present time. Everyone brought tons of gifts to shower baby Emery and Leah.
We also played baby bingo during the present opening. When Leah opened something on the list you could mark your spot out.
Little baby Gracyn was modeling the owl hat one of leah's friends made by crochet.
It was fun watching Leah open all of her gifts. It's hard to believe she only has 1 month left before Emery arrives. We can't wait to meet her.
Here is a group shot, minus Kathleen who had to run to work and Julia who was taking the photo.
I was so glad that Leah's mom got to fly in for her shower. I know Leah was glad to have her here and to help with the nursery at their house.
Here are all the hosts with Leah. We had such a fun shower and I was so glad to co-host for such a wonderful friend. It's been so fun to go through this journey Leah and can't wait to meet Emery.
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the girl in the red shoes said...

You guys did a great job! Everything looks beautiful and the food looks amazing!

leah said...

I seriously think you and Lacey should start a shower planning business, with the graphic details and the amazing food you girls would be unstoppable! Thank you SO MUCH for spending so much time and energy (while you were sick!!) to throw such a great shower. I had so much fun, you are such a sweet friend!!

Lacey said...

I had so much fun planning the baby shower with you! I loved coming up with a fun theme and running with it! You are the best cook ever!! All of your food was amazing!!!!

Ginny said...

Looks like it was a GREAT party with GREAT friends in a GREAT house with GREAT food. Did I cover everything? Can't wait for the GREAT pics when Emery arrives.

Mock family said...

first class shower, top notch.... LOVE EVERYTHING

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