Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bye Bye Ipad2

We took back the Ipad2. Unfortunately it did not live up to what I needed it for. My goal was to replace my current computer and use the Ipad2. Soon after starting to use it we learned that I couldn't use blogger. You can use it on the HTML tab, but not the Compose tab. Apparently something uses flash on this page. The second thing was printing. I like to print recipes and would like the option to print anything and you have to have an eprinter and although our laser printer is a bit old, its awesome and we have a ton of ink supply so I had no desire to spend more money trying to accommodate the new ipad. The 3rd thing that bothered me right away was chatting. My family all lives in different spots and occasionally we do group chat through AIM and the app doesn't allow for group chat. Basically the day-to-day things I did I couldn't do with the Ipad2. So we said goodbye and packed it all back up and took it back. I am now in search of a lightweight computer. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Im a blog lurker...LOVE your blog

My hubby works for Lenovo(used to be IBM) and we have 4 lenovos(Thinkpads) in our household. We just bought one for my 10 year old its like a netbook with built in webcam and so many other things my old Thinkpad doesnt have.

Good Luck!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Bummer it didn't work out. But at least now you can get something that will let you do all that stuff!

Mock family said...

it's for the best! Can't wait for you to get something so it won't take you ten minutes to boot up :)

leah said...

such a bummer! So dumb why ipads and iphones can't use flash!

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