Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let the Renovations Begin

Let's start with some before pictures.
 This is our master bathroom that opens with 2 french doors. We will be replacing the flooring with tile.
 We will also be taking out this shower that is way too small, even for me.
 There is a fake wall that is to the left of the tub that we discovered has no purpose so we are knocking it down to move the tub over to make the shower bigger. We were going to go into the closet, but this allowed us to have more room and not have to.
 We are leaving the counter and cabinets, maybe adding some nice knobs to the drawers. It's not worth spending that money for the value of the houses in the neighborhood to change this out. We're going to change the faucets and add a frame around the mirror for phase 2. Oh, we're also getting new lighting, I didn't take a pic, but it has those lovely circle bulb lights that I refuse to replace any more light bulbs.
 We are changing the flooring in the laundry room to the same tile that will be in the master.
 This is the spare bathroom so we will be doing the same tile and maybe switching out the faucets. We already switched the lighting a few years ago.
Toilet area in the spare bathroom.
View from the toilet in the spare bathroom to the vanity sink area. 

Let the demo begin. Since David is busy with work and his new class he demoed at nights and all day Sunday. We got some great pricing for the work so we couldn't refuse to have someone do most of it for us. Here are some pictures from day 1 demolition.
What a mess!
Molly says wtf guys.
 We are co-owners of this lovely trailer that we are using for debris and we all know how Davids mind works so it didn't take long for him to build a slide as I call it for us to get our scraps down to the trailer without just throwing it out the window in hopes of it not damaging things.
He used the vinyl flooring as the shoot and just some wood he nailed together. 
The finished product. Stay tuned tomorrow for more demo and rebuilding work.
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Chris said...

Cool, I like the play by play! Very interesting to see it step by step!

asj said...

wow! that's impressive already, can't wait to see the finished product!

Lacey said...

Look at all you've done! Love the slide David made for the scraps! I can't wait to see it all finished!!

Mock family said...

Love the step by step photos as well and love mollys caption!

Jen S said...

WHy isn't David a full-time inventor? Looking forward to the results!

NoPermanentAddy said...

This is amazing! Congrats on all your hard work- it will certainly pay off!

PS- We are in Italy house hunting and I've been thinking of you all and your trip. Let me know if you want help planning in advance! And, I know it is far out, but we're happy to host you all for a few days (we will live right on the beach)- it is much cheaper here than in the big cities.

All the best! You all have the most amount of energy- I'm jealous!

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