Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time to Rebuild!

We started Sunday off by ordering our granite counter top for our kitchen and are now in the process of waiting for them to call to come measure and for us to go to the granite place to pick out our slab. Then we came home to a house full of helpers. David and Darrin came over to help get the rest of the bathroom prepped and ready for the workers.
 This is them moving the bathtub and looking at the hookups or discovering something magical, I am not really sure by their facial expressions. Molly wanted to help with everything.
This is what the bathroom looks like with all the walls, shower and bathtub taken out.
 While we had 3 strong guys over I made them move the armoire out of our room. It is just too big, even for our room which I thought was quite large. I am going to sell it since I got such a great deal on it. I still really love it, it just doesn't work in our spaces. It really is meant for a desk area and has a spot for a computer.
 David started framing the new shower.
 Darrin's duty was to do the new shower plumbing. He was soldering and getting the new copper piping to work correctly without leaking. We had a few slight issues, that left us without water one night since home depot was closed. That just reminded me of how much I hate camping, I felt like I was camping in my own house by not being able to flush the toilet and using jugs of water to brush my teeth and wash my hands. 
 David's parents stopped by to see the progress and his Dad even took out our toilets for us! They are stopping by the house during the day for us to check progress and be around. We are so appreciative that they are doing that for us! Thanks again Frank and Cora!
Final work- you can see the 2 smaller knobs that will provide extra jettage for the lower back area. We're also having the rain shower and an adjustable removable shower head that will make it nice to wash the doggie.
The tub has been moved, the plumbing redone and the walls and shower have been framed out. As of Monday morning we were ready for the contractors. Stay tuned to see the progress they have already done and let me tell you, they are fast! Pin It


Chris said...

Whew, that's a whole lot of work that got done. Nice to have a bunch of handy people around.

Mock family said...

seems to be moving SUPER FAST, and everyone I've had sneak peeks and it's looking great!! and ps. GROSS to the in home camping!

Ginny said...

You make it look so easy! I know its hard work and I'm very impressed with your progress.

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