Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday Fun with Family

We had such a fun weekend hanging out with Michelle and James.
 On friday morning I found Molly sprawled out waiting for them to come out of their room. They have Bella, the cat, in there blocked off so Molly won't eat her get her. During the night we close our door so Bella can roam the house freely. She likes to wander.
 I took a half day and we went to Moe's for lunch! They don't have many chain restaurants in Abilene, TX (or the desert) so James was craving Moe's. I could always go for Mexican so I was in! Michelle has decided that she is a straight haired person now, even though we have an abundance of tight curls that we were born with.
We got home and got ourselves some adult beverages and the boys fixed our garage door. I don't think I mentioned this, but the springs in our garage door broke last weekend and David repaired them. We had to find the parts (which was not easy to do) but was way cheaper than having someone come out. We spent I think $130 for it all instead of $400 plus for an installer to do it.
 James fixed himself a beverage in one of the mason jars I have that my grandmas sauce is canned in. This one's for you Julie! I know you love mason jars.
The cousins love each other and had a lot of fun playing and cuddling. Maddie had a tag she found in her mouth. We also went to Ippolitos and had a friend over for drinks. Wish we took more pictures that night. More to come on their visit tomorrow. Pin It

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Chris said...

Aww Molly! Good times! :o)

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