Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mad Hatter Bridal Shower

While we were home in NY we got to go to Amanda's bridal shower. Jen hosted a Mad Hatter unbridal shower from Alice in Wonderland. The details were spot on and everything came out great.
Here is the bride-to-be helping to get everything ready.
Jen even made fascinators for guests to wear.
All the tags had the sayings from the movie like Drink Me.
She got these favors from my work and we customized the stickers to say Take Me! The jelly beans were margarita and lime flavored.
We had the party at her Aunts house and I loved her pond area, you can even see the big fish in the corner.
Family portrait. It was way colder than what we had clothes for so we embraced it like it was 80 degrees, but it was a nice cool 65.
The baked goods were out of this world. She made scones...
And pastry's...
Cake pops and cookies and every other food you could imagine.
Of course we had to have tea for tea party. How cute is that.
Jen even found this little mini tea cups for the party.
It was nice catching up with their family and showering amanda before her wedding. 
They are now happily married!
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the girl in the red shoes said...

Such a cute shower! I love the cat in the tree!

Mock family said...

It was really fantastic, I want those muffins now!

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