Friday, June 17, 2011

NY Baking Party

On Saturday morning we headed to our neighbors house 2 doors down to help make baked goods for her sisters bridal shower. We have known each other since we were 3 and moved in. Jen did a blog post on this already and you HAVE to check out the old school photos of us. She lives in Colorado right now so it was a nice reunion.
I helped make the cookies
Michelle used the cookie press
and was in charge of frosting the cake pops.
Jen is a natural at baking, she can eye ball measurements (I'm not there yet at all). Wait until you see the Mad Hatter bridal shower she hosted, the decor and food were amazing. Post is coming up soon or you can just go to her blog and see it.
Check out these jam-filled finger butter cookies which I helped make. I will be making these very soon.
It's a secret recipe which she shared with us!
There were tons of cookies and cake pops for all to enjoy and sample.
Here is our picture of when bloggers unite.
And here is one of our Charlie's Angels baking pose. We were laughing to hard to get a serious photo. Our moms were entertained by us.
James even got in on the action, although he was mostly in it for the pizza. Jen got us our favorite Mark's pizza to have and it was awesome.
I can't wait to get a cookie press of my own, I am on the hunt. Thanks for a fun baking party and I'm still glad we keep in touch and were able to hang out this past weekend. Good luck with the wedding, Amanda (her sister who is getting married tomorrow!) Pin It


Lacey said...

Your baking party is making me hungry! It all looked delicious! And I loved checking out Jen's blog and seeing all of those old school pictures of you- so cute!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I agree with are making me hungry! Everything looks so yummy!

Chris said...

When Jen S sent us some of those cookies in the mail, those were the best cookies I've ever had. I can still taste them. Apparently they are the best/softest like 2 days after you make them and man, I'm salivating just thinking about them!

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