Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Saturday Steak Night

Since James got back from his tour of duty he has been craving steak so we decided to grill out on Saturday night.
Michelle made her famous steak marinade and we let it sit for the night.
We used a mixture of soy sauce, worcestershire and steak dust seasoning.
We waited until 8:30ish to start grilling since David had his online class all day so it was very nice outside.
Of course I had just gotten into my comfy clothes when we decided to take pics. Looks like I need some new t-shirts.
Sister shot in front of my garden
We also grilled corn to go with it
Little Madeline is so cute
The perfect summer meal- grilled steak, corn and sweet potato fries! Yum.
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Chris said...

Aww madders! Good times!

Mock family said...

Sooo fun!!

Linda said...

Looks delicious...might have to try that Steak Dust! You sisters are two peas in a pod...so cute! Love that the doggies enjoy visiting too!

Lacey said...

Love all of your pictures! Those steaks look AMAZING! What a fun cook out!

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