Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Update & Porch Flowers

The garden is flourishing. Although I am still having a grass problem, I am just going to embrace it because its out of control.
 Roma tomatoes are everywhere, he is the visual of my grassy situation. It makes me so mad, but you live and learn.
 Some tomatoes are just about ready while others are still growing, its a fun time.
 I swear the tomato plants are 4-5 feet tall at least.
 Check out my basil. This is by far my favorite herb, cilantro comes in a close second. I think I might make pesto this weekend.
My peppers are also doing very well. I used 2 of them this weekend and you can see more in the background.
Here are the green peppers I used from the garden.
 I also decided to get some porch plants since I was lacking color. I now feel that I need another door mat, although the party does always start here, I think I want a more elegant monogram one.
 I got these pretty yellow pots and these Dianthus flowers.
 What is growing in your yard and garden?
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leah said...

Oh my goodness look at that garden!! That is so awesome. Who cares about the grass, it doesn't seem to be bothering any of your plants!

Love your front porch pots and flowers too, so pretty!

Brooke said...

Your garden looks great! I love the yellow planter/pink flower combo!

Oh, and I would be happy to take some tomatoes off your hands anytime you have too many! ;)

Ginny said...

Your green thum is really impressive!! Nice Job!!

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