Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Eve Dinner and Craft

Happy New Year! I am a bit behind on blogging so bear with me as I recap some of Christmas first.
Christmas eve we have a tradition of doing a Christmas craft and making lasagna. This year was a little different as we wanted to do some cooking, but changed up the menu a little bit.
We had the crafters
And the non-crafters
This is what I was busy doing in between crafting (I picked the craft that came in a kit, but it was def. advanced so I want a redo now that pinterest is around for next year). I made Grandmas sauce for 9 people and boy was it yummy.
We made snowmen utensil holders!
Michelle and James prepped the turkey that we fried
Finished product.
The boys taking out the turkey, look at that golden brownness
So yummy
We served everything with salad and glazed carrots.
Here is half the table, Davids parents came and joined us for dinner and then we had Shell, James and mom at the side table.
Everything turned out great and I wish I could make an endless supply of Grandmas sauce. Marla made yummy meatballs to go with it, too.
The fried turkey was so juicy and delicious.
Mom brought TONS of cookies down with her and we had a nice cookie plate each night for the whole vacation (I think I need to adjust my weight in my weekly surveys due to these). Pin It


Jen S said...

Looks like fun. Can't help but notice the green onions on your window ledge. I'll have to try that soon!

leah said...

Looks like so much fun! Your grandmas sauce looks amazing too!!

Chris said...

Man I want some more sauce again now...Yummo...

Lacey said...

It looks like you all had such a great time! I love the crafts you made and I really want to try a fried turkey! All of the food looked delicious!

Mock family said...

Excellent recap!! Let's do it again

Ginny said...

We really did have fun and it was another great Christmas!

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