Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3D/4D Ultrasound

Update from the doctor on Friday. Baby Max is frank breech, which means his feet are up by his head and his head is by my top right side and belly button area.Here is a visual so you can see it.

The doctor said there were a few options.. wait another week to see if he's moved or try a version which is the doctor physically trying to turn the  baby in your stomach. I've heard that's really painful and doesn't work all the time. The dr then told me that I really wasn't a good candidate for that because  1. First time mom my uterus isn't stretched enough 2. My fluids are normal but on the low side 3. He's frank breech and it's harder to turn him when he's like that. 
Sooo we have another ultra sound Friday and after that if no turn we have to schedule a c-section at 39 weeks (can't go longer bc they don't want you to go in labor on your own). Not ideal but what can ya do. Operation turn the baby home remedy style has commenced at home. 

Here are photos from our 3D/4D ultra sound from 32 weeks. As you can see his feet were up there at that time as well (it was about a month ago). 
This photo is hard to really see, but it illustrates that Max has a lot of hair already.

His favorite game is going to be peek-a-boo, his hands are covering his face in this one. 

You can start to see his profile face and all of his limbs

I think he is sticking his tongue out here.

He is def. saying no photos please and sticking out his tongue. He is very good at practicing breathing and sucking.

Look at my sweet baby boy. David and I always try to guess whose nose he has, but I guess we will find out soon!

I know I am bias, but he is just so adorable and we can't wait to meet him. We had the session recorded and David edited it down and its just so sweet. Take a look if you have time.

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Jen S said...

What a cute, shy bambino!

asj said...

so sweet, he's adorable already! one of my coworkers delivered her baby frank breach and it was apparently very painful [she was very adamant on doing everything natural/no c-section]! Hope operation turn the baby is successful, either way, here's to a happy, healthy Baby Max being born in the next month!

Madalyn said...

Hey! I know you read my blog, I've been checking yours too... Kate is frank breech too, at least she was as of the last appt a week ago. My doc proposed the version but told me nothing of 1st time being a problem. It supposedly feels uncomfortable but does not hurt a lot. They don't force anything. Plus the chance of success is 60% so not as bad as nothing... I think I am going to go for it if she does not flip till next week. My doc said that the chances of her doing THAT spontaneously are like 2% which is a lot less than the version chances. You will do what is right for you, but it is worth trying in my opinion. Complications are super rare and this gives some hope. But if it does not work, I am mentally ready for the c/s. I was so scared at first but it's just something that is always a possibility whether you start naturally or no... so better get mentally ready ahead of time right?...
Good luck. I'll be checking back to see how you're doing.

Chris said...

Cool video, hope he flips around one way or the other!

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant my doctor said a flashlight on the belly can turn a baby. They apparently move toward the light so shining it low on the belly can make him flip.
(my doctor was telling us about it b/c a lot of people do it to see the baby flip over, but since it was later in pregnancy and ours was in the right position he did not want us to do it and make him flip.) but if he wasn't in position it would have been a worth a try.

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