Friday, January 7, 2011

The Alamo and River Walk

Happy Friday! Today we are wrapping up our San Antonio Trip photos. We went to tour the Alamo and back down to the River Walk.
This is a free exhibit so it was pretty crowded. It was cool to read and see all about what went on back in history at the Alamo. 
I am not a huge history buff so I know the boys enjoyed it more than the girls, but it was still interesting for a little while.
Everything was really pretty and I loved the trees. I didn't understand why everyone kept saying for David and I to switch spots, now I get it.
I was really excited to take a boat tour through the river to see all the buildings and learn what everything was.
Our tour guide was great and told us history of the area and showed us what everything was. He also told us what the best restaurants were in his opinion.
We didn't lose the car this time, we made James go get it and pick us up at the restaurant. Shout out to my brother since we passed my brothers bar, but we couldn't get a good picture because James was driving so this is what we ended up with. Nice boys.
We had fun eating, having drinks and hanging out together.
It was so pretty at night with all the lights all around the river walk. I would recommend a visit for everyone! Have a great weekend.
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Lacey said...

I love all of your pictures!! Looks like such a fun trip!

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