Thursday, January 13, 2011

Renovation Planning

Now that we have paid off all of our debt, we are saving for our emergency fund and will then save up for some house renovations. We have been wanting to upgrade a few things since we moved in, but they aren't deal breakers so we waited until we had the money. We probably won't start until April, but its nice to get inspiration and figure out what we want to do.
We would like to re-carpet 3 of our rooms (the only rooms with carpet, the rest have wood floors). These rooms include both spare bedrooms and the office downstairs. I like the frieze style so above is some inspiration for that.
We want to put granite on the kitchen counter tops and a nice tile back splash. I am in love with the tiny glass tiles and picked out a few that I like. Of course they are $10 per square foot, but we don't have that much area to cover. Our kitchen is painted chocolate brown so I went with earthy tones for inspiration.
I'm not sure if they look too modern so we'll have to see. We will also be tiling the master bathroom floor, spare bathroom and laundry room as we have laminate in those areas. David will be doing most of the work himself, but the carpet installation and granite installation are virtually free with promotions they usually have going so we will see about that.
One of the bigger renovations is going to be our master bathroom. We currently have a stand up shower and a tub in the bathroom, but the shower is very, very small. I am short so by the time I am standing where the water hits, I hit my elbows on the walls. So we are going to cut into our closet to make our shower bigger and more functional, I use our spare bathroom now. Our master closet is gigantic, I'm talking like 12 feet long x 5 feet wide so I won't miss the space if we take a couple feet out. The above picture is exactly what we want to do. We currently have a wall between the tub and the shower so we will take that down and have glass installed, which is not cheap by the way. I will show pictures a little later so you can see the before, but we have a little while before we start so its just fun to talk about now.  Our total cost we hope to spend for all the above mentioned is $8-9,000 since labor is usually the most expensive and David is cheap!
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Jen S said...

The brown glass & stone tile squares you pictures are the EXACT ones I put in our new bathrooms. LOVE them as a decorative accent :) Can't wait to see what you all come up with!

leah said...

That's awesome, you guys can totally do it! Can't wait to see it all in action!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I love all of your inspirations! The bathroom is gorgeous! So wonderful that David can do most of the work for you!

Amanda D. said...

looks like a good plan for the bathroom but invest in a squeedgy thing for the glass and use it after every shower unless you want to scrub off water spots all the time... glass doors/walls are a pain to clean

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