Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Straight Hair and Snow Gear

Next month we will be taking a little weekend trip to NC for snowboarding. The reality hasn't set in yet that I will actually be snowboarding so I'm still having fun gathering my snow supplies (Thanks Leah for letting me borrow your jacket and pants!).
This past weekend I went to Target and found a great deal on this thermal long sleeve shirt. It was only $3 and it has bears and mountain type scenery. I also got little thermal leggings/pants to go under all my layers (don't mind my ugly socks). Oh, and I got a haircut so you can see my straight hair look. I don't usually straighten my hair because it takes too long, but when the hair dresser does it for free I take full advantage!
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leah said...

Love your straight hair!! I promise to bring you more snowboarding supplies after the weekend, your long johns are so cute!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love your hair! It's so pretty!

Lacey said...

LOVE your straight hair! And I know your snowboarding trip will be so much fun, I'm jealous! :)

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