Friday, January 14, 2011

I have the organizing bug!

We had 3 snowed in days here in Georgia and I have been cooking, cleaning, catching up on shows, laundry and working from home. I felt so accomplished today to make it into work and back even with all the ice still on the roads (I can't believe how bad it still is). I organized all the papers in our office and filed them away, we still need to go through the cabinets to sort things. I have realized that we really don't need all this "stuff" and other people might use it more than we do so we need to donate. Last night I tackled our upstairs linen closet. It was filled with towels, scrap towels, miscellaneous sheets, old duvet covers and things we really haven't used in years. I really only need 3 sheet sets for our king size bed (1 currently on bed, 1 spare to rotate and 1 flannel set for cold winter months). 
 I forgot to take a before picture, but this is what the hallway looked like as I was sorting everything. Molly is hiding in the workout room because I kept throwing things.
 Here is the after shots! Starting at the bottom we have doggie towels, sheet and pillow cases, good towels and hair towels,
 good towels, room for good towels in the laundry, small stock pile of bathroom essentials, and beach towels!
 Here is my pile to donate. I was very pleased at how it all went. 
I even found room downstairs in our pantry cupboard for kitchen towels. The pantry is next on the list to organize. I feel so much better after organizing so much this week, but realized I have a long way to go still. How do you stay organized? Am I that lazy?!
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Jen S said...

We are always on the same wave-length! I cleaned out my pots and pans cabinet 2 weeks ago and have a post on that which I'll get up in the next few days.

Ask yourself "Have I used this item in the past 6 months?"- Toss it if you haven't!

Lacey said...

Way to go!! This makes me want to do some organizing too!

Betty said...

Good work! I just did something similar with our office feels so much better! Happy Weekend! :)

Ginny said...

6 Months! I've got things in my basement that have been there for 23 years and were probably in the basement of our old house for at least 12 yrs. Where are the Jen's when I need them!! But the garage is still uncluttered! ;-)

Marla said...

I need to do the same thing! I hate our over crowded linen drives me crazy!! Guess I will take a break from some studying this weekend to tackle that! :)

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