Monday, January 3, 2011

San Antonio Day 1

We started out the trip to San Antonio by going to a piano bar. We always like to go and sing along and find new piano bars when we go to different cities. The dueling pianos are the best. We decided to share this gigantic bucket of a drink (she wouldn't serve it to us unless we had 4 people).
 Sorry about the iphone pics, my flash doesn't work well.
I was tired from the flight, but we had a good time. After we left the boys lost the car. We walked around for a good half an hour trying to locate it. Things got scary (homeless people trying to be our friends etc.. ) so we waited at a hotel until they found it.
The next day we spotted a Pei Wei and had to eat there. They have great Chinese food (very similar to PF Changs) but better pricing.
Check out Michelle's spicy chicken!
James got teriaki beef and everything was soo good.
We stopped by the HEB (grocery store) to gather supplies for Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas day.  David spotted this mini keg and had to have it.
David testing it out (it was pouring out so thats why his jacket is all wet).
I think he likes it!
Yep, confirmed, he loved it. Him and James (mostly him) drank the whole thing in 1 night.
Mom also got herself a new phone since her old one was starting to break and not function.
So we relaxed on Christmas eve, had our beverages and cookies that mom brought.
This sums it up. It was nice hanging out and being together.
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Chris said...

There's an app for that! :)

Jen S said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing time!

Lacey said...

Piano bar looked like fun and that was one huge drink! Pei Wei looked amazing! And I love that little keg so cute! haha Looks like you had such a great time!

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