Friday, January 28, 2011

Finally a Weekend Warm Up

It looks like we will be in the low 60's this weekend here! It has been so cold and I am over the cold weather, but still would like it to snow in NC next month when we go please.  I am excited to do a little walking/hiking this weekend on the green way. It's a stretch of paved path that connects 2 parks and spans 7.5 miles long. Once you get further in you can choose to go off the path and hike through the wooded areas.
 Here are some of the views along the path.
Hope you have a temporary warm up where you are this weekend!
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leah said...

That looks awesome, have so much fun!

Mrs. Werginz said...

Have fun! I'm glad we live in the same state because I so haven't watched the weather! So nice to hear it will be warmer!!

Chris said...

Gonna be 70 here tomorrow too, looking forward to it!!

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