Wednesday, January 5, 2011

House Tour and Shopping Trip in TX!

I love looking at houses and taking home tours. We always used to go to the tour of homes every chance we got, its fascinating to me. So I thought I'd take you on a tour of our cute San Antonio Cottage.
 Here are some of the room highlights:
 This is the very large and spacious kitchen. It had a 6 burner gas stove that you can see and upgraded counter tops and new appliances.
 There are 2 entrys into the house, one at the front (pictured above) and one at the back where the garage and backyard is that goes into the little laundry room and then kitchen. They have a great fireplace area with the built in shelves and some stain glass on the windows.
 Here is the back entrance and yard area.
 There is a sun room off of the living room where you can sit and enjoy morning coffee, this is where they had set up a Christmas tree in the window for us.
 The house had 3 fairly large bedrooms, 1 with a king, 1 with a queen, and 1 full bed. The house was like a big circle. There were 2 doors per bedroom that led to another room in the house. It was like a big maze.
This is where David and I stayed. I loved the windows and moldings that they had and the ceiling height was very tall.
There were two bathrooms, 1 with an old fashioned tub and this one with a walk in shower. I loved all the blue glass tiles.
 This was the view from the front door looking out. The houses around ours were huge 2-story mansion types. Some people didn't have driveways/garages, but this house did although it was a very tight squeeze.
We also did some shopping while we were there at The Shops at La Cantera. It is a cool area and their 6 flags is right next door. You can see roller coasters from the parking lot! Bella was investigating our bags saying "What did you guys buy!"
This was the coolest shopping area I have seen so far in my life. Everything is connected via a courtyard in the middle. All the stores have canopys, which came in handy because it was rainy the day we went. I love the charm and feeling of everything.
Look how big it is! I am happy to say we covered the whole entire area. It took us 4 hours, but we had fun.
Michelle is going to model a few outfits for us that she purchased. This was a dress she found on sale at Anthropology. I have never been to the store because it is usually out of my price range, but the sales were great and it is so interesting in there. I love the bedding they have. 
This is a cute sweater dress that she got from Express, I got one in purple. She is wearing this outfit today with black tights and boots (so trendy she is). Shes also showing it off with her black over coat that is so universal that I also bought one.
We also bought cute scarfs from Old Navy. Hers is pictured above and mine is black and white. We had a fun time shopping together with each other and Mom.
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Mock family said...

those are some trendy outfits!!

Chris said...

HAH...that second picture of Michelle modeling is hilarious...nice house too!

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