Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's Celebration Continues

I know that New Years Eve seems like it was so long ago, but I wanted to post about our fun night over at Darrin (David's Brother) and Stacey's house.
We toasted with Mimosas since champagne wasn't everyone's favorite especially because we all got the cheap brands.
We had fun eating delicious steaks and appetizers and we went next door to their neighbor Courtney and Davids house to visit their get together. Sorry, no pics of them though. You can tell how much my David loves pictures.
Much better. 
Darrin and Stacey. I think its impossible for the guys in this family to pose like normal people.
Ashley (Their daughter) hung out with us for a little while until her bf Daniel got off of work, but she ended up staying till midnight. She kept trying to get us to go to 37 main (a rock band club type of place in our local downtown area), but we were all content just hanging together. I feel so old, but its true, we'd rather just hang out with good people instead of going some place loud where you have to pay to get in and can't hear each other.
Annslee and their dog Pippit.
Ashley got bored with us and was trying to demonstrate how to dance at the clubs or something. We also played wii dance and everyone was so good at it, I think they must play non-stop because I sucked.
We had fun watching the ball drop,
 Watching the boys do fireworks,
And toasting the new year!
Happy New Year! Austin celebrating with Pippit.
Hope everyone's new years is off to a great start!
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