Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the air today! It's going to be in the upper 60's and I just can't help hope that it stays around for good. To get everyone inspired for warmer weather, I'm going to share a few of my favorite things. 
 First up are OKAb shoes. I know I have talked about them before, but they are a spring/summer must have. They are washable flip flops that come in stylish colors and styles.
They have colors for every outfit you could imagine. Here are my favorites. 
 They all seem to have a theme. A nice thicker strap, a flower embellishment and colors that you can wear with a bunch of outfits. In fact I am wearing a pair of my Okab's today!
A fun spring time activity for me is a getting a pedicure! Here is a pic from my sisters wedding festivities of us enjoying a beverage and getting a pedicure. In fact, today our department is going out for a little lunch and a pedicure/manicure!! 
And lets not forget all the fun spring skirts you can wear! 

One last thing I am looking forward to is frozen yogurt! I am going to visit my sister soon and a new place just opened in her town so we are ready! I hope its warm where you are today, if not you can dream and hope for warmer weather soon! Pin It


Linda said...

Wow, now I am really wishing for Spring. Have a pair of OKAb's myself and love them. Have fun on your work outing today! Give Leah a hug for me!

Ginny said...

55 here today!! Still alot of snow on the ground but we will take whatever we can get. Can't wear my OKAb's yet but maybe when I go to see Michelle I can. I am sooo jealous of your job :)

Mock family said...

good blog, wherever did you come up with today's topic? :)

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