Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Celebrations

We had lots of celebrations for Christmas for both sides of our family. We had the option of doing homemade gifts or other. My sister went all out by doing homemade gifts she found via pinterest and they were impressive. She wins for creativity this year.
We started by making a great breakfast of cinnamon and sugar donuts, waffles and bacon followed by opening gifts.
I'll post the recipe for these donuts another day, but they were so yummy and not hard to make at all.
We started the opening with some gifts for the kiddos, Bella (kitty) got hers later as her and Molly don't interact well. Molly didn't waste any time finding her gift as you can see.
Michelle helped little Maddie find hers.
These were the homemade gifts I was telling you about that Michelle made. They are chalkboard menu boards for the kitchen made out of picture frames where you paint the glass with chalkboard paint.
I love the personalized touches with the buttons and letter. No one wanted their picture taken except for Michelle so we decided to hold our gifts over our faces.
David received some toys for Max. This is a tool center that he can use to help Daddy when he is older.
Michelle received a beautiful necklace from Tiffanys from James. It's all about the box, now isn't it.
I got David a nicer pair of sunglasses than he had that have an unbreakable policy since I'm sure he will test that out for us.
Michelle and James made me these letters with Max's name and behind them are scenes from the book Where the Wild Things Are. They are awesome and fit in so well. I have them hung, but didn't want to spoil the reveal (prob. next week, still have to take photos).  Don't you love that crib bumper!
On to party #2. We headed to Darrin and Staceys for his side family Christmas
The gals
We do homemade gifts for his side so we are showing off some of the gifts. Kim made chocolate covered spoons with yummy toppings (for hot cocoa or coffee).
Ashley and Daniel are modeling the cookbooks and she made these awesome coasters, but I can't seem to find a photo of them.
Gina is modeling her glasses that have personalized vinyl letters from Darrin and Stacey.  Gina made her calendar which she does every year which I don't have a photo of either.
Family shots by the tree. Isn't the tree gorgeous!
My side
 Davids parents and all the siblings
All the grand kids
1 final photo to sum up the night for ya. Merry Christmas!
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asj said...

so fun. can't wait for the recipe for those donuts, they look great!

Chris said...

Haha...love it, so festive! Nice pic of me with that thing on my head. :p

Mock family said...

power couple, what what!!

C & F said...

What a fantastic holiday, So much went on this year. Darrin and David and their families get Congrats for so much fun =) thank you... thank you.

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