Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Update- Nursery Addition

Quick update from the Doctors on Friday. Baby is still frank breech, his body is in more of a V shape. The midwife we met with said that his position did get a little better and my fluid levels went from a 9 last time to a 13 this time (I'll take some credit for this as I was drinking a ton of water this week). She recommended we try the external cephalic version. We are waiting for the scheduling coordinator to call us back, but we're going to try for that Friday/monday. It needs to be done around 37 weeks so you are full term, but the baby isn't that big. I am a bit nervous about how the pain will be and I haven't yet watched a youtube on it (I'm sure David has) but we have watched c-sections so I am willing to try it for a chance that he will flip on over.
 David also came up with a contraption to make it more comfortable to sit with my hips above my head. He accidentally broke the office chair this weekend so he modified it so I could use it.
 It is quite funny, but does make it easier to get high enough. You can get on low and then press the lever and you get raised up.

We took our infant CPR class friday and learned a lot. We also got to take our maternity photos on Saturday! After all the rain, there was finally a clearing and the weather couldn't have been better. It wasn't overly sunny so we didn't have squinty eye syndrome. I can't wait to get them back, I hope they turn out.
We (David) also started a project for Max's nursery. We decided we wanted to create a little forest scene from the book Where the Wild Things Are. We had someone on etsy try to do this for us, but the end drawing wasn't what we were expecting and the price kept rising. We decided to order our own wall vinyl and do it our selves. Darrin and Stacey do have a cricut that will cut 1ft x 2ft, but he did the trees without the machine. We first made a puzzle with a scene from the book by tiling it together and getting the tree shapes. The trees were too skinny so we just eye balled it and made them thicker.
We put them up last night and are very pleased with how they look in there.
He will now make the files for the leaves (we hope to get a nice big canopy look) and print that this weekend.
I made a freezer meal (I'll post recipes soon), started the nurse goody bags and got hospital PJ's. Our to do list is going well and I am almost finished getting ready.
I'm ready to go to the hospital (nursing cami, pj pants and robe from mix and match Target)
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the girl in the red shoes said...

I hope Max moves on his own! And I LOVE the tree decals in his's going to be so cute!

Graceandjoelroberts said...

Hi! I found your blog through Leah, you look great and I know you're so excited. Just wanted to pass on one of my good friends ( had the external rotation for their baby and it worked and she was able to have normal vaginal delivery. I believe she wrote about it on her blog. She said it was not near as bad as they had lead her to believe it was. I hope its the same for you but thought I'd send over that info and hopefully its an encouragement to you!

leah said...

Jen I LOVE this post! That picture of you trying to flip Max is hilarious, OF COURSE david made a gadget that would be easier for you! Love the decals and your nursing pjs! Will be praying for you on Friday!!

Chris said...

Cool, like the trees. How do they stick on the wall?

Lacey said...

I LOVE that David made you a contraption to do the exercises to make Max flip! :) The pictures are too funny! And those trees look awesome in the nursery!!

Marla said...

Love the trees! That is a great idea!!

Anonymous said...

Is there anything David can't do? And he makes it look so easy! Love the trees. I'll be lauching a long time picturing you on your new contrapion raising and lowering your pregnant little body. LOL Mima

Linda said...

Wow, that position looks familiar, only I was on the floor and not with that nice gadget your hubby devised! Sure hope Max just turns on his own. Nursery looks so cute and I am very impressed with how organized you are!

asj said...

you're looking great and love your hospital outfit! hope max gets to turning for you and I love the nursery, can't wait to see the final product!

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