Monday, March 14, 2011

Building Our Garden Box

We noticed on Saturday that a lot of people on our facebooks were partying for St. Patricks Day. Since it was days away and we didn't get the memo we decided to celebrate while building our garden and enjoying the beautiful 70 degree weather.
We had green wine and got some of our green gear on.We just used our neon food coloring we bought a few years ago for this specific purpose.
We ended up changing our garden and making it a little more simple, and bigger! I guess that's what happens when you have green beverages while building your garden box. We made it 4' x 12' which means we will get 48 squares, instead of our original 16 we did last year.  I have a lot of seeds left so I will definitely double the spaces that we had and add some new items. Garden plan coming later this week.
Here is David building the garden box. We had home depot cut our wood so it was a simple build.
We decided to leave room around all sides so it would be easy to access allowing us to make it 4' instead of 2' in width.
David wore his hat and beads the whole time we were out there, that's dedication. Molly was so glad to have us playing outside.
Molly even got festive. Although you can tell she isn't loving the necklace, because her ears are way back.
David had me hammer some nails into the wood and you can tell that I am nervous and don't know how to use tools. It was fun for a minute, but I'm glad David likes that kind of stuff.
Our final step was to put our weed mat down before we filled our soil mixture. More on that later.
We also were able to trim our rose bushes and trees to hopefully enhance growth and keep them under control.
I was in charge of spraying weed killer on the front and back yard. 
 We used this Image weed killer that the nice gentlemen at home depot suggested. It was $21 for 32oz, 8,000 sq feet and I only used half the bottle (I really tried to use the whole thing but it was taking forever). David wants me to spray again soon, but we'll see what happens in a weeks time. It was double the price of stuff we've tried in the past, so I wanted to take note so we can see if it works. It is half the price of getting some company to come out and spray though. We'll keep you posted.
I had fun with it and would rather do that then get up in the rose bushes and get thorns on me. It was so gorgeous out and I'm glad we were able to enjoy the weather and get some of our yard work done. Pin It


the girl in the red shoes said...

What you have planed sounds so great! Can't wait to see it!

Mock family said...

looks like a slip in slide! haha looks awesome, come build me one! we saw some pre-done veggies that we're looking into over here.

leah said...

look at you go Jen! What a beautiful weekend to work outside, and I love how festive you all got!

Chris said...
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Chris said...

When I saw your post with the St Patty's day pictures on your Facebook I was like why are they celebrating the weekend before when it's next Thursday?! But then I started to see posts from my Facebook friends also down in St Augustine, it was a whole weekend of stuff going on. Who knew? Would have figured it would be this coming weekend, closer to the day, but it looks like festive fun anyway! Go garden!

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