Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making Money on Craigslist

I am not sure I ever talked in detail about our home gym. We used one of our spare bedrooms upstairs for a gym for a little while now. Since starting P90X we really haven't used any of this.
We decided to list the whole gym on craigslist for $300 for all of the items above. I know it looks like a lot of stuff, but let me talk in detail about how much we paid for all of this. The ab curl bench was $6 from goodwill, the treadmill was free (a neighbor was throwing it away and David asked if he could have it and fixed it), and the golds gym work out system was $50!
This was a steal. We bought this on craigslist maybe a year ago from a guy trying to move and sell all his stuff. I guess he didn't realize what a hot commodity it was. The day I posted it we had a bunch of calls, texts and emails from interested buyers. I wanted to price it so it went fast and I think I definitely did that. A lot of people just wanted the treadmill, but we nicely explained that was just an add on and it wasn't a high tech one like they'd want. It literally has a slide button that goes from slow to fast, but it does get the job done. We had someone coming over on Sunday to look at it and then we received another call saying they were really interested and wanted to buy it. We told them we'd call them if the first lady didn't end up buying it. He then said, no thanks I'd like to offer you $400 and buy it first. This has never happened to us before! Someone asked $100 over the asking price. See what you get for pricing things right and not overpricing! David was also small talking with the guy and mentioned we were also selling a nice built in car navigation system and he called us after he left and said he wanted to come back next weekend to buy that too. Isn't that nuts? I was tempted to let him into our house to see what else he'd like to buy. We did check to make sure that his money wasn't counterfeit, it looked good to us and the bank took it so I guess we're clear! So needless to say that we were glad for the extra money, but the next day David had to go to court to pay a speeding ticket and guess how much it came to.... $386 (speeding in a work zone). The money came and went so quick. I was glad that we had the money though, I guess it was fate! I am now making the room upstairs my sewing room to encourage me to try and learn.
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Jen S said...

Can't wait to see some sewing projects!

Mock family said...

that's hilarious, ASK HIM IF HE WANTS TO BUY YOUR COUCH :) haha and way to air david's dirty laundry LOL

sew me something cool

Ginny said...

You get a sewing machine with that extra cash? I wish I had something to sell - everything I own is like 25 yrs old and I don't think Good Will wouldn't take it.

leah said...

Dang that is awesome! And what great timing with having to pay for the ticket. I'm so excited that you are going to start sewing Jen!! I just made those burp clothes again last week!

Chris said...

Cool on the sale, but bummer on the ticket...Maybe that dude will buy David's lead foot also? :o)

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