Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Playing Teacher

My sister teaches 2nd grade at an elementary school and I was able to go to school with her Friday to see the kids. They knew we were twins so they just kept starring at us.
I got to teach a few lessons on cursive, Lima bean plants in ziplock bags and help them shop (rewards program they have). I also ate in the teachers lounge with everyone. It was very interesting to see what she does on a day to day basis. I realized that we do TOTALLY different things in our jobs. She is guiding the future children of America, which sometimes entails being their 2nd mom and disciplining them. I take advantage of my work where I can sit all day if I wanted to.
 The most surprising thing for me was that her classroom of 20ish students has to take a few bathroom breaks all at once (after recess). I never thought about that. I just thought they'd go when they had to, but then you have a million kids asking to use the bathroom during your lesson. Your days do go by fast since you have to plan out your entire day.
Much respect to all the teachers out there!
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Jen S said...

Just like how we used to play "teacher" in my basement!

leah said...

That's hilarious that you were a sub teacher for a little while. Good for you!

Mock family said...

um is that e supposed to be on the line? :)

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