Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vacation Brainstorm and Vote!

We are still excited from paying off our debt a few months ago! There is a world of opportunities and breathing room left while you look at your budget and money for the month.  While you are doing your debt snowball you only buy things you need and you try to fix what is broken. You start to realize things that you can live without and that aren't necessities. Since starting it 18 months ago we haven't been eating out much, buying electronics, buying a lot of new clothing and no lavish vacations. We have a small list of things that we are saving up for (with cash) that we will get start on in April after our 3-6 month emergency fund is fully funded. Our list includes saving up and taking a big vacation, renovating our house, buying a new laptop (I've had mine for about 6-7 years now and its falling apart), buying a nice camera (something similar to the Nikon D50 we're borrowing from Darrin and Stacey), and possibly getting new bedroom furniture (we've had hand me downs and walmart stuff for 5 years and the spray paint is just not holding up on touching things up.) I know this seems like a lot of "stuff" but we deserve it and are ready to update some of our dinosaur electronics and items.

Since the vacation part is next on the list, I wanted to do a little brainstorm on places we are thinking of going and get your votes. Our vacations usually consist of something tropical and on the cheaper side with destinations in Mexico and Dominican Republic as our most recent ones. Last year during our snowball we visited some of my family across the US, but for us its not a vacation unless its on a plane and longer than a 2 hour flight. So its been about 2 years and we wanted to reward our sacrifices with a bigger, more expensive vacation. Keep in mind we'd like to go for 10 days- 2 weeks. Here are the top choices in no particular order:
Australia- We want to see kangaroos, the great barrier reef, Sydney and Melbourne to name a few ideas
Italy- We want to see Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast, Florence, Venice and Milan. Eating all the amazing Italian food is top on the list here.
Northern Europe- We want to see Ireland, London and Paris with all their attractions to name a few
Greece-Island hopping to Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Rhodes, etc.. Mama Mia- Need I say more?
California- We want to see various cities and wine country

It's your turn to vote! Comment below on where should we go? Have you been to any of these places? What can you recommend. If you win, you will be selected to come with us, oh wait.. just kidding :) We really would like your help though.
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Jen S said...

How can you not choose Italy? Your grandma would be so happy!

Jen said...

Haha Don't sway the votes! I'm just saying we hopefully will get to all these destinations in our life time, but what one should be first!

NoPermanentAddy said...

We read a book once that changed the way we vacation. It talked about how people wait their whole life to go on 'the trip of a lifetime' (aka Aussieland) and then they're too old to take the trip. That being said, California will (most likely) always be a closer flight than Australia or Europe. Just my two cents!

Lacey said...

How exciting!!! Here are my top 3 for where I think you should go:
2. Australia!
3. Greece!
I love the idea of traveling, this should be a lot of fun to plan!

Brooke said...

How exciting!

Here are my top 3 in order:

1. Greece
2. Australia
3. Italy

I just told you 5 minutes ago I was going to vote for Australia as #1 but changed my mind when i saw the picture of Greece!

asj said...

Australia or Greece, for SURE. If you go to Australia - make sure to go to Fraser Island. If you go to Italy - make sure to go to Capri.

two of my favorite places in the whole wide world, just amazing natural beauty!

Mock family said...

"we deserve it" don't be modest or anything haha

well you know my choices

Marla said...

For my choices:

1. Australia
2. I would do a cruise that goes to Italy and Greece
3. Ireland and UK

I would love to do any of these next year....want to go while we are still healthy and able to travel that far :)

Chris said...

If you want to do it up big, I'd say:

1. Australia (assuming the cool places aren't badly affected from the floods they had recently)

2. Agree with Marla, would like to see the Mediterranean via cruise so you could see Greece and Italy in one visit...Those are the two places I'd like to see in that whole area.

If you were going to go 10-14, that would be too long for California? Maybe a few days in Cali and Hawaii for that long?

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