Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Molly "Tails"

I am so glad that I haven't started planting in my garden yet because Molly thinks its her own personal outdoor dog bed.
 When I work out, Molly usually heads outside and tries to steal dog toys from the neighbor dogs, but during one of my water breaks I peeked out the window and saw her here. I went out and she still didn't move. Shes looking at me like, thanks this is a nice cool spot. We will be getting some chicken wire or some sort of fencing around the garden very soon. It's almost planting time!
We have been having crazy thunderstorms and weather around here lately. Molly decided she all the sudden hates them. At night she crawls either way under the covers or lately shes been climbing on top of my head by the pillows. Insert my head right by her stomach and that's how I was sleeping. Even after I showered she stayed there and I went to take a picture and caught her with her tongue out. I think it was either perfect timing or she really was sticking her tongue out at me. Pin It


Mock family said...

Molly must be learning from Maddie on the tongue thing, just darling :)

Jayme said...

Our pup Ollie sticks his tongue out ALL THE TIME! We think it's because it's too big for his mouth. Molly's a cutie!

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