Thursday, March 31, 2011

Official Square Foot Garden Plan for 2011!

I have finally made my garden plan for this year! I got overwhelmed to go from 16 squares to 48 so I was procrastinating. I realized that there was no way I wanted to fill 48 squares with veggies and herbs nor did I want to spend more money doing it (by buying more plants). We made each square a little bigger than 1ft x 1ft and now have 30 squares that will fit nice in the space.
This year I am only growing things that I know I will eat and love. I really want lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and basil. I envision a lot of salsa and pesto this summer. The little dots mean how many plants/seeds you will need and what areas to plant. Since tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, basil and broccoli grow to get so big you only need 1 plant per square. It still produces a lot of veggies per plant. You are also suppose to plant the taller plants on the north end of the garden so they don't shade the smaller plants. They require a wire cage or something to help them grow taller. I used this website and also this one to do my research on companion planting (what goes well next to each other). If the weather holds up I will be planting within the next 2 weeks! Pin It


Mock family said...

I hope the birds eat your cilantro :) that's how much I HATE it haha jk, good luck!

Chris said...

Wow, rough crowd... :P But Shell's comment did make me laugh! Go garden!

Ginny said...

Play nice in the garden children - Jen you need to teach me to make pesto, please.

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